[na-user] Trouble with Change mode Ctrl F1 and F2

VinceK6BIR@aol.com VinceK6BIR@aol.com
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 22:13:15 EDT

I am having trouble using the Ctrl F1 and F2 to change modes with version 
10.49, do not recall having this problem with early versions, it will only 
show CW on startup, I can not get it into SSB mode. rig control will work OK 
on the rig at home, but I will not be able to work CQWW from my home QTH, 
will have to use the laptop for operations from another QTH, but I am having 
the same problem with home computer and the laptop after upgrading to V10.49, 
this problem also occurred when I tried using NA for NCQSP on the weekend of 
10-7-00. I am looking forward to working CQWW coming up, but unless I can get 
this to work in time I guess I will not be able.

Tnx,  Vince,  K6BIR

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