[na-user] SO2R switching problem

Scott Detloff K8DX Scott Detloff K8DX" <ni8l@raex.com
Wed, 18 Oct 2000 00:14:04 -0400

I made the SO2R box that is in the NA manual a few weeks ago.
Since one on my 'MP's was at Yaesu for service, this is the first time
I've checked to make sure everything is working.

Everything seems to switch OK on CW, but on SSB I'm having some
problems.  Radio 1 works fine.  When you go to Radio 2, Ctrl S and 
Alt-D work fine, but once the radio is swapped with Ctrl-R, it stays
there and the computer hangs.

I've checked for TSR problems and can't find any.  I've looked at possible
IRQ conflicts too with no luck.  I even tried using another DVP board
without any success.

Any other ideas on what to try?

Scott K8DX

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