[na-user] telnet

Don Chisholm Don Chisholm" <don.chisholm@home.com
Sat, 28 Oct 2000 15:19:16 -0400

No pressure, as I am not an SSB op.

OK, I downloaded the K1TTT wintelnetx thingy.  I initiated the "Telnet to
COM" ini file.  I adjusted mycall and stuff.  I understand (through the
directions) how to send it out to the COM port on another computer (througn
null modem).  How do I get NA to talk to it on the same computer?

I adjusted NA to look to COM 2 (not in use by anything else) for a TNC.  I
adjusted COM on wintelnetx to send out to COM 2.  I sucessfully connected to
a variety of nodes through the Telnet port and received DX spots.  However,
I cannot seem to get them to go to COM 2 and into NA.  I fiddled around with
several settings scenarios (through trial and error) to no avail.

At some point I also read the directions, but made little progress . . .



Don Chisholm

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