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k8cc k8cc <k8cc@mediaone.net>
Sun, 29 Oct 2000 00:08:36 -0400

At 03:19 PM 10/28/00 -0400, Don Chisholm wrote:
>OK, I downloaded the K1TTT wintelnetx thingy.  I initiated the "Telnet to
>COM" ini file.  I adjusted mycall and stuff.  I understand (through the
>directions) how to send it out to the COM port on another computer (througn
>null modem).  How do I get NA to talk to it on the same computer?
>I adjusted NA to look to COM 2 (not in use by anything else) for a TNC.  I
>adjusted COM on wintelnetx to send out to COM 2.  I sucessfully connected to
>a variety of nodes through the Telnet port and received DX spots.  However,
>I cannot seem to get them to go to COM 2 and into NA.  I fiddled around with
>several settings scenarios (through trial and error) to no avail.
>At some point I also read the directions, but made little progress . . .

The way to make this work is to use two separate COM ports on the same 
computer, then tie them together with a null modem cable.  For example, 
make WinTelnetX talk to COM1 and NA talk to COM2, then use the null modem 
cable to make the ports talk.

I've heard that the DXTelnet program can share a single COM port.  All it 
takes is a what's called a "loopback connector" which is a regular serial 
port connector (either DB-9 or DB-25) with pins 2 and 3 tied 
together.  DXTelnet then spits out spots which are "looped" back in the COM 
port and sent to your logging program.  One major limitation of this setup 
is that you can only receive spots, and not send them.  This is scuzzy and 

Dave Pruett, K8CC
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