[na-user] telnet (now IRQ, too)

Don Chisholm Don Chisholm" <don.chisholm@home.com
Sun, 29 Oct 2000 07:01:07 -0500

Dave, thank you for the info - I'll experiment with it.

I was hoping to avoid tying up two ports on the same computer.

I (therefore) have another problem which has develpoed.  I have a Multi-I/O
card which expands to COM 3 and COM 4 (as well as LPT 2 and LPT 3).  For COM
ports, I have choice of IRQ's of 3,4,9.

Jumper settings are as follows:
Com 1 is IRQ 4 (rig 1)
Com 2 is IRQ 3 (rig 2)
Com 3 is IRQ 9 (TNC)
Com 4 is IRQ 3 (redundant with Com 2 - though if I use a TNC and not the
"loop" I really only need 3 ports in simultaneous use . . . )

Windows 98 will not let me use IRQ 9 - it simply won't allow COM 3 and Com 4
to be configured with anything but IRQ 4 and 3, respectively, reguardless of
the jumper setting.

On my "MAIN" contesting computer (fast 486 DOS machine), I have 4 COM ports,
each with own IRQ (4,3,9,5) and everything works fine.  However, I am
attempting to build similiar capability into this PII/400 with Win98 (and
Telnet!!!) and am having difficulty.

Anybody have any experience with this?


Don Chisholm

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