[na-user] NA in MQP

Don Chisholm Don Chisholm" <don.chisholm@home.com
Wed, 18 Apr 2001 05:09:32 +0100

The Michigan QSO party is this weekend.  WX3M and W8UE will be "roving"
around Michigan, covering about 20 counties.

If you are setting up a mobile/rover operation which requires a new/seperate
log from each entry location, here are a few tips:

1. Pre-set a .QDF file for each section:
- program the CW memories ahead of time
- adjust band/mode info as needed
- activate AutoCheckPartial and/or AutoDupe
- select appropriate call database as needed
- in "OPTIONS" menu, select QTH must match for dupe

This info will all be saved in the .QDF log file, even with no QSOs in it

2. Setup a .BAT file to run each log instantly when you cross the county
- NA <filename> -NOW

For instance, as you cross the county line into Mackinac County, you exit
the program, type MACK, and it loads directly to the logging screen.

3. For added glamour, you can put the current county name at the base of the
logging screen:
In the QDF directory, create:


where <filename> matches the .QDF filename.  This .BNR file should contain
one word/short line of text which will then appear in the logging window for
that particular log.  From experience, this is very useful for mobile/rover
operations when you are constantly changing locations and may not, at any
particular moment, know where you are . . .


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