[na-user] Say "Thanks, Dave"

Jimk8mr@aol.com Jimk8mr@aol.com
Fri, 20 Apr 2001 16:52:12 EDT

>From time to time we see comments here on the NA reflector thanking K8CC for 
the great work he does, in creating NA, updating it, and in responding to the 
many questions and problems that we users come up with.  And Dave is very 
deserving of our gratitude.  

Keep in mind that Dave is a contester who writes software, not a software 
writer who decided to write stuff for contests. Dave is also president of the 
Mad River Radio Club and is chairman of the Michigan QSO Party which the MRRC 
sponsors. This Saturday is the MiQP, and Dave will be out there contesting, 
with W8MJ, driving a thousand or so miles to and around Michigan's upper 
peninsula to activate those sparsely populated counties.

Since contesters like nothing better that activity, how about saying thanks 
to Dave this weekend by turning on your radio, booting up NA, starting up the 
"Michigan QSO Party", and passing out some qsos to Dave and the Michigan gang?

In a nutshell, the contest runs from 16Z Saturday to 04Z Sunday.  Suggested 
frequencies are 45 KHz up on CW,  on SSB 3850, 7225, 14250, 21300, and 28450.
Exchange QSO number & QTH, and when you set up NA remember to type "OPTIONS" 
and check "QTH MUST MATCH FOR DUPE", so you can work mobiles from different 

While you're on, please work other Michigan stations as well!  We'll have at 
least seven other mobile teams covering the state, as well as lots of fixed 
station activity. It should be a fun contest.

I hope you'll get on this Saturday, look for the NA main man, and say "Tnx 
Dave" !

73  -  Jim    K8MR   (who will also be among the Mi mobiles)

Full MQP info is available at:     



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