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Mon, 13 Aug 2001 21:19:34 +0100

Robin, I guess no-one has any complaints at present.  Having said that,
I noticed that when I did a "write log" for our GU8D IOTA contest log,
everything was produced except the data in the .BRK file. It showed
zero for all hours. Wasn't too worried as I had already extracted the info
whilst running the log file through Excel.

Another thing I noticed was that our system of three m/cs on a loop
kept crashing until we had logged a multiplier. This was during a pre-
contest check. We also had 4 crashes in the first hour resulting in our
lowest first hour rate of 105 Qs during 6 years of using NA for the
IOTA contest. (yes, even before it supported the event!)

We disabled one computer and did not connect to the Cluster. After a
few hours, we switched the computer back in and the sytem ran like a
dream for the rest of the contest. 2900 Qs and 470 mults. We didn't
achieve the dizzy heights of last year, but had many problems to contend
with. Not the least being problems associated with Foot and Mouth Disease.

Have you ever tried directing a group of people to erect a gin-pole type mast
carrying a rotator, A4S, 40m loop and an 80m dipole above the beam, from
outside the boundaries of a field.

Send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance!! Luckily the coupler broke
after the contest and the A4S missed GU3SQX on its way down.

Two broken traps, 4 broken end rods, a few bent sections!  We still had fun !!

73 Chris G3SJJ

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