[NA-User] A test again

Robin Thompson robin@g3tkf.freeserve.co.uk
Tue, 14 Aug 2001 22:22:37 +0100

Thanks for the replies !! 
So  -OK- the Newsgroup IS working !!

We also had major problems at PJ2Y with laptops crashing (3 on a loop)-
pressing F10 seemed to be a major cause , a bit disastrous as this was a
check mult command ! we resorted to Alt M instead - we never did fully
sort out why the problem occurred - they were not our laptops but
"inherited" - anyone else have this problem running IOTA ? 

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>Robin, I guess no-one has any complaints at present.  Having said that,

>Another thing I noticed was that our system of three m/cs on a loop
>kept crashing until we had logged a multiplier. This was during a pre-
>contest check. We also had 4 crashes in the first hour resulting in our
>lowest first hour rate of 105 Qs during 6 years of using NA for the
>IOTA contest. (yes, even before it supported the event!)
>We disabled one computer and did not connect to the Cluster. After a
>few hours, we switched the computer back in and the sytem ran like a
>dream for the rest of the contest. 2900 Qs and 470 mults. We didn't
>achieve the dizzy heights of last year, but had many problems to contend
>with. Not the least being problems associated with Foot and Mouth Disease.
>Have you ever tried directing a group of people to erect a gin-pole type mast
>carrying a rotator, A4S, 40m loop and an 80m dipole above the beam, from
>outside the boundaries of a field.
>Send three and fourpence, we're going to a dance!! Luckily the coupler broke
>after the contest and the A4S missed GU3SQX on its way down.
Temperatures of 110 + in the sun limited rigging aerials to dawn/ dusk
and then it was the call of the Rum & Coke or the glorious blue of the
Caribbean at the shack door that was the main problem in Curacao !
We still had fun though !!
>Two broken traps, 4 broken end rods, a few bent sections!  We still had fun !!
>73 Chris G3SJJ
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