[NA-User] ritty software

k8cc k8cc@mediaone.net
Thu, 23 Aug 2001 18:44:04 -0400

At 09:59 AM 8/23/01 -0400, tgstewart@pepco.com wrote:
>Note that this message is almost 4 years old!
>To my knowledge, they must be ISA cards.  I dont know anyone that's gotten 
>the PCI Soundblasters to work properly and Brian told me fairly recently 
>it's due to a DOS driver problem with the PCI version cards..
>73, Ty K3MM

I have a true 16-bit PCI SoundBlaster running in my main logging 
computer.  While it took a while to resolve, the only real challenge was 
getting the Creative Labs utility which allows setting the board's PCI 
parameters in a non-Windows environment (logging computers are still MS-DOS 
6.22 here!).  I can't recall the name of the utility, but its available on 
the Creative Labs web site (at least it was in 1997).  I can go check the 
logging computer if needed.

Sound card compatibility is becoming a big challenge with these older DOS 
apps.  My brother wrote a TSR program to make a sound card into a voice 
keyer (sold by Radio Bookstore under the name Contest Voice Blaster) and 
its becoming difficult to implement because of the need for SB 
compatibility.  We've also tried the W9CF "make a sound card into a DVP" 
TSR and all that happens is lockups.