[NA-User] NA 10.53 and Packet

Tom Homewood w1to@adelphia.net
Mon, 10 Dec 2001 09:03:51 -0500

Hi Ray,

I have an MFJ 1270 and Control C works for me, it doesn't show up on the
screen but it does work.  I usually put a space after the C I think, but not
sure you have to.  Have you tried this?

Tom, W1TO

> Hi...
> Thanks for reading this.  I'm using 10.53 and an MFJ-1278 Packet Modem.
> In order to initialize the modem in command mode while using 10.53, I
> have to
> power off the modem and turn it back on again to get the CMD: prompt.
> Pressing control and C doesn't seem to work.
> This can be a pain as I get disconnected on busy weeekends.
> The packet works fine (the control and C works) using DXBase for DOS 5.0.
> Any ideas?
> Ray
> Youngstown, Ohio