[NA-User] Colours

Bob, N5RP N5RP@pdq.net
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 01:05:05 +0000

Well, the version 10.56 change (or whatever) to newer/different 
packet/alert cluster combination sure helped me.

Several things played into this particular recent discovery of my problem 
with the shrimp colored letters and turquoise background:
I've been travelling a lot over past several years, and when I did get on 
for a contest play I was never using packet.
I changed to a different monitor during the time frame.
Now when I get packet up and running here at the home station, I am seeing 
a span of some time, as to my aged eyes and program version, both being 
impacted  by a different monitor that created a color combo that was 
terrible for me.

I suspect that some display monitors might have been perfectly fine for me 
and my eyes.

My particular monitor just would not put forth a proper contrast with the 
display colors that were locked into the program for packet alert screen.

I tell you,
I was pretty amazed by Dave digging into this unique situation as fast as 
he did.
It was truly impressive.

The new colors combos on packet screen make all the difference in the world 
to me. When I discovered that the old ones were "locked in" I really had no 
idea what I was going to do.

Thank you Dave for solving my particular problem with the screen.
Bob Perring
Amateur Radio Station  N5RP
N5RP Station Page: http://freeweb.pdq.net/perring/station.html