[NA-User] Two-Radio Setup for SSB?

Randy Farmer w8fn@attglobal.net
Sun, 31 Mar 2002 20:34:19 -0600

I'm looking for guidance on how to set up NA for two-radio use in SSB.

Late last year I acquired one of the Top Ten "DX Doubler" SO2R boxes, a 
product I can heartily recommend. I configured it as described in the 
manual. It requires that the two radio control with antenna switching (not 
with DVK) be configured in NA. I got things set up and it works perfectly 
on CW.

I fooled around in WPX SSB this weekend and discovered that for some reason 
the computer insisted on asserting LPT Pin 16 high whether NA was running 
or not. Whatever function that pin has is apparently supposed to be logic 
high by default, at least on my logging computer. It does the same thing in 
either DOS 6.2 or Win98.

Since Pin 16 is used for PTT, the result was that every time I put the Top 
Ten box TX control in the Auto position for computer control the PTT line 
was pulled down and the selected radio went into transmit. I tried setting 
up another dummy contest file for WPX CW; as soon as NA started up Pin 16 
went low and stayed that way until it the CW keying was activated. 
Re-opening my file from ARRL CW also resulted in proper operation. Both the 
10.54 and 10.55 versions of NA.EXE acted the same way.

Have I missed something in the configuration, or is there a bug in the 
program, or is it SUPPOSED to act that way and I'm just failing to 
understand what's going on? I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has set 
up his station for full NA two-radio control to help sort this problem out.

And regarding the beam heading operation, I too would like the headings to 
be displayed in the mult window before the station is logged.

Randy W8FN