[NA-User] Motherboard for Contesting

k8cc k8cc@comcast.net
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 10:44:43 -0500

NA Users:

Many of the new computers today lack some of the hardware features needed 
to run the things we need for contesting.  Gone are the ISA slots of 
yesterday needed to run things like K1EA DVPs, W9XT COntest Cards and DRSI 
packet controllers.  Some new computers even omit COM ports in favor of USB 
or Firewire ports.  Well, I've not seen any amateur radio transceivers with 
USB ports yet.

My friend KE8OC turned me on to a motherboard that has these features we 
contesters need to run our "legacy" hardware.  The mail order outfit 
TigerDirect.com in their catalog carries a motherboard with 3 ISA slots, 3 
PCI slots, on-board floppy and hard disk controllers, and slots for up to 
512MB of RAM.  The CPU socket is a "socket 7", which means original 
Pentiums up to 233 MHz, AMD K6s up to 500 MHz and Cyrix PRs up to 366 
MHz.  While these are not the latest, modern CPUs their performance is 
excellent for running NA and most other amateur radio programs.  Also, the 
board is an AT form factor board so it will fit older cases and power 
supplies.  However, it does also have an ATX power supply connector.

The good news is that the motherboard is quite reasonably priced.  The 
board alone is $69 or $89 with a 450 MHz AMD K6-2 processor.

TigerDirect's order number is 800-888-4437 or www.tigerdirect.com.  The 
description is the 5EH-5 AT Super Socket 7 motherboard.

I have no commercial interest in TigerDirect, however I thought this would 
be useful information for some of the NA users.  Motherboards with ISA 
slots are almost impossible to find any more.  Two years ago we upgraded 
eight computers in the K8CC shack with similar, but different brand 
motherboards and AMD K6-2 processors with excellent results so I thought 
I'd pass this along.

Dave Pruett, K8CC
DATOM Engineering