[NA-User] Motherboard for Contesting

Steve Maki steve@oakcom.com
Mon, 01 Apr 2002 14:04:51 -0500

K3KO wrote:

>Looks like a winner!
>According to the website, this item is "temporarily out of stock"
>You E-mail was must have done it! (HI)

After thinking for a few moments about what I'd do if any of
my ISA motherboards crapped out, I decided I needed to lay
in a few spares, and did a little snooping. They are not easy
to find in stock, though lot's of places still have them listed.

Here's an interesting link though:


ATX motherboard, 4 PCI, 4 ISA, WITH Pentium Pro 180 MHZ cpu
and fan - $24.95. No AGP - needs PCI video card.

I snapped up 4 of them.

Steve K8LX