[NA-User] Thanks Dave!

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Thanks for the kind words.  I'm pleased we can support the FQP so well.
Part of this is due to the rules similarity between CQP, FQP, MQP, OQP,
etc.  With NA's configurable design, code does not have to be rewritten to
accomodate slight rules differences.  The code that *is* there is exercised
several times a year in the various events so that any bug fixes benefit

I did not make any FQP QSOs this weekend.  Most of my spare time was spent
coding to support the New England QSO Party for this coming weekend.  Since
NEQP is a multi-state event, their location abbreviations within New
England are contractions of county and state abbreviations, thus requiring
five characters and NA only supports four.  This would seem to be a simple
change but its not, and impacts NA's internal design in several ways
extending back to the development of the .QDF file format back in 1992.

I've been gratified that in recent years many state QSO parties adopted
suggestions from the logging software developers which facilitated support
of those events.  Unique rules which have no other application and which
require significant coding kill the enthusiasm to support localized
contests.  I truly believe that without logging software which provides at
least a minimum of correct functionality, the activity in a contest will
suffer.  It's in everyone's interest to have conventional, typical rules.

For everyone reading this, I hope to have a new revision of NA out which
supports NEQP by tomorrow (Tuesday April 30).  The code is already
functioning, I just need to clean up some details and do some testing.
Both NADEMO and full NA versions will be available.


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Dave, just wanted to say thank you for your continued support of the
Florida QSO Party in NA!

After Saturday's break, I read all kinds of "bug reports" from CT and
Writelog users (such as not allowing one to log the county abbreviations
- new "bug" introduced this year ... I think it worked fine in the past)
.... but NA keeps right on ticking!  One CT user even suggested we
address the "work around" in the rules ... NOT!

Sure, some other programs might have all these neat features that NA
doesn't ... but if the darn thing doesn't work correctly ... what's the

NA - the "official" paper log to electronic log converter of the Florida
QSO Party!

73, Ron  WD4AHZ  (CW op of NJ4M in FQP)
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