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A couple other suggestions to make QSO party mobiling easier for all

   Use your call and the county as the filename - for example:
   K4FCGHIL.QDF.  Keep in mind that NA and most other DOS-based programs
   can only handle eight digit file names.  This can be difficult with five
   or six digit calls.

   Use a batch file to start NA with the file for the particular county.
   For example, in MiQP when operating from Alpena County (abbreviation
   ALPE), we have a batch file called ALPE.BAT which is in the same
   directory with NA.EXE and contains a single line: NA K8CCALPE -now.  The
   advantages are: fewer keystrokes and if necessary you can use cryptic
   filenames such as WA4XYZHI.QDF (see comment above).

   Do you use "banner files"?  Do you know what they are?  This is a single
   line ASCII file which resides in the directory with your QDFs and which
   shares the base filename with the log you're operating.  Using the
   example above for Alpena county in MI, our K8CCALPE.BNR file says:
   Alpena County - ALPE.  This helps you to remember where you are, and the
   appropriate abbreviation on SSB.

Mobile contesting in state QSO parties is a blast with good activity.  W8MJ
and I have a goal to operate from all 83 Michigan counties.  We have 65
down and 18 to go, which we'll finish in MiQP 2003.



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I would like to second that

Kevin (N4KM) and I used NA once again in our effort as K4FCG/M

NA seemed to work great all weekend long - my only quesiotn to Ron/Dan is
how do we handle VE1OP who sent MAR as an exchange - do we want to edit the
multiplier file or just plug in the default, or what do you want to see?

NA was the first software to support the FQP and continues from what we see
to be the best, thanks Dave!

By preloading the QDF files for all the counties when we left and crossed
into a new county it was as easy as

Alt X

and hit F1

mebbe 5 seconds to 10 seconds down time depending on if it was dark or not
and I couldn't see the keyboard :-)

Close to 2,000 QSOs from 35 counties...NA worked good!


Jim, K4OJ
(w/N4KM ====> K4FCG/M)

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> Dave, just wanted to say thank you for your continued support of the
> Florida QSO Party in NA!
> After Saturday's break, I read all kinds of "bug reports" from CT and
> Writelog users (such as not allowing one to log the county abbreviations
> - new "bug" introduced this year ... I think it worked fine in the past)
> ... but NA keeps right on ticking!  One CT user even suggested we
> address the "work around" in the rules ... NOT!
> Sure, some other programs might have all these neat features that NA
> doesn't ... but if the darn thing doesn't work correctly ... what's the
> use?
> NA - the "official" paper log to electronic log converter of the Florida
> QSO Party!
> 73, Ron  WD4AHZ  (CW op of NJ4M in FQP)
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