[NA-User] NA 10-58 question

David A. Pruett k8cc@comcast.net
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 18:39:30 -0500

At 01:13 PM 12/16/02 -0600, you wrote:
>I am unable to use NA 10.58, and need some advice.  It loads perfectly, but
>when I type in "Alt T" to put the packet acreen on the top half of the
>monitor, the program crashes with the following error message (on two 486DX
>Error 05 occurred in module NA1058 at address 0BF2:25FE  (PC #1)
>Error 05 occurred in module NA1-58 at address 0B44:25FE  (PC #2)
>All my previous NA versions (through 10.55) work perfectly.
>Thinking there could be some form of corruption in my downloading and
>unziping procedure (I use PKUNZIP) I redid the whole thing today from the
>wedsite, but got the same resulting problem.  Help!


Error 05 means "Illegal Function Call".  I think I've seen this happen when 
some, but not all the controls for packet are set.  These would include:

- A COM port set for "TNC" in CONFIG, screen F4.
- TNC type set to "LOCAL" in CONFIG, screen F5.
- "TNC" checked off on the EQUIPMENT CONTROL PANEL in NA.

The first two pieces of data are stored in the NA.CFG file and so will be 
the same for any log file you load.  The third is actually stored in the 
.QDF file header - this is so you can set up your ports and TNC 
configuration once, and turn packet on/off on a file by file basis 
depending on whether you're using packet during the contest being operated.

While the data for these controls are in the same places for any recent NA 
version (10.55 vs. 10.58 fits into this category) if you're switching 
between NA versions you're probably switching directories at the same 
time.  Each file most likely has separate NA.CFG and maybe even .QDF files, 
so make sure the settings are absolutely the same.

We ran 10.58 with packet on three DOS machines here during our multi-op 
effort in ARRL 10 and for the most part everything worked OK.  One problem 
we noticed was that every W/VE spot showed up in the ANNOUNCE WINDOW as a 
multiplier.  I noodled on this while running stations on CW and the fix 
popped into my brain, so after we QRT on Saturday night, I manipulated some 
code and fixed the problem.