[NA-User] NA 10-58 question

Jim George n3bb@mindspring.com
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 13:13:03 -0600

I am unable to use NA 10.58, and need some advice.  It loads perfectly, but
when I type in "Alt T" to put the packet acreen on the top half of the
monitor, the program crashes with the following error message (on two 486DX

Error 05 occurred in module NA1058 at address 0BF2:25FE  (PC #1)

Error 05 occurred in module NA1-58 at address 0B44:25FE  (PC #2)

All my previous NA versions (through 10.55) work perfectly.

Thinking there could be some form of corruption in my downloading and
unziping procedure (I use PKUNZIP) I redid the whole thing today from the
wedsite, but got the same resulting problem.  Help!