[NA-User] FOC Mararthon Database

G3SJJ g3sjj@btinternet.com
Tue, 1 Jan 2002 15:40:02 -0000

I tried this one on the CW Ops reflector but had no response so maybe I
might be lucky here.  I want to use NA in the FOC Marathon in 4 weeks
time. I know someone last year produced a database for CT but I couldn't
get it to work in NA, mainly I think because I left it too late!

When I put a callsign in the callsign field, I want it to show the persons
I have a database of the 500 or so members so I could alter the format so
My questions are :

- What is the correct format?
- What name should I give the file
- Where would it reside
- Where would the info be displayed

Any help would be appreciated. HNY de Chris