[NA-User] Cabrillo Question

Dave Pruett k8cc@mediaone.net
Tue, 01 Jan 2002 19:40:42 -0500

At 10:00 AM 1/1/02 -0500, Jeff Maass wrote:
>This question applies (at least) to Sweepstakes, ARRL 160 Meter
>and ARRL 10 Meter Contests.
>I noticed when upgrading a while ago (10.52? 10.51? 10.50? dunno)
>that I'm now prompted for my section when writing out the files
>at the end of the contest, even though my section has been specified
>in the "location" field when setting up the contest initially.
>What's up with that, eh?

It is an ARRL requirement that the Cabrillo log contain your ARRL section 
information in a separate field. In a contest such as SS, your location is 
your section. However, in ARRL 10, for example, your location is your 
state, not your section.  (Yeah, I know that for Ohio, they are one in the 

The ARRL requires the section information to format the contest writeup. 
Again, for SS or ARRL 160, where the section is exchanged and is the 
multiplier, it makes sense.  But it seems strange me to list scores by 
section (and awards by section) in a contest like ARRL 10 or ARRL DX where 
you're exchanging (and assumedly competing by) state or province. But this 
is the ARRL's call...