[NA-User] Names displaying with NA

G3SJJ g3sjj@btinternet.com
Sun, 6 Jan 2002 13:38:18 -0000

I have made up a database of FOC calls and names using the following

- ASCII file called FOCNAMES.DTA

- Character limit of 12 bytes. The only callsign which would go over that
be W4/G4BUECHRIS, so I would use shorten the name to CHRI.

- One set of characters per line

- In alphabetical order, BUT number calls first ie 4X4, 5B4, 9A, then A45,

I have run NA, selecting Autocheck and Calldatabase, selecting FOCNAMES.DTA

It doesn't work.

Questions :

- Should the number calls be at the end?
- Is an ASCII file ok. I note MASTER.DTA is a binary file
- I haven't put W4/G4BUE in yet, but where would it go? Before the first W4?
- Should I have a   . at the end of each set of characters?

Any thoughts, Chris G3SJJ