[NA-User] NA rig control problem with FT-1000-MP

Dave Pruett k8cc@mediaone.net
Mon, 07 Jan 2002 19:48:34 -0500

At 02:47 PM 1/6/02 -0500, RLVZ@aol.com wrote:
>Anyone ever have trouble with rig controlling a MP via NA?  NA usually
>controls my MP great.  But recently I have had 2 computers that will not 
>run the "CAT" on my MP.  Seems like NA has worked best on my old XT and 
>386 machines.  All ideas much appreciated!  73 and Happy Contesting!
>Dick- K9OM


When I've encountered these kinds of problems, one of the solutions is in 
the computer's BIOS.  If you check the BIOS when the computer boots, I'll 
bet you'll find that the BIOS is set such that the serial ports are "PnP", 
or "Plug and Play".  Since DOS is not a "PnP aware" operating system, DOS 
programs can't use PnP to locate the addresses for the serial ports.  NA is 
talking to your radio, but no hardware in the computer is listening...

Go into the BIOS and set the serial port(s) for COM1 (and COM2 if 
necessary).  Do the printer port to LPT1 as well.  This will not matter to 
Windows unless you start swapping hardware in and out.