[NA-User] Automatic keying repeat problem

Dave Pruett k8cc@mediaone.net
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 21:40:26 -0500

At 04:15 PM 1/21/02 -0500, DAN KOVATCH wrote:
>Used NA1053 in the VHF sweepstakes this past weekend. I tried to set CQing 
>to repeat every 5 seconds and could only get the default 1 second delay. 
>Yes, I remembered to do CTRL enter. Has anyone else noted this? Dave, is 
>this broken oor am I ?


K9TM has complained profusely about this same problem.  However, I have 
never been able to duplicate it.  We used CQ repeat a lot this weekend on 
VHF (no surprise there) and I was able to adjust the delay OK.

Since I can't seem to duplicate the problem, let me be sure that I'm clear 
on what you're seeing.  You issue the DELAY command, adjust it to 5 
seconds, Ctrl-Enter, but the delay is only one second?  If you do DELAY 
again, does the program indicate one second?

I assume you are aware that DELAY only adjusts the delay for the current 
mode.  If you're on SSB, adjust the delay, then switch to CW, the delay 
will be as it was before, since you adjusted the SSB delay not the CW delay.

One other thing - keep in mind that NA does not know when the message 
ends.  An unmodified W9XT card or external voice keyer does not provide a 
way to indicate that the message is running.  NA assumes that the CQ is 
five seconds long, so if you have the delay set to five seconds, NA is 
really timing ten seconds FROM THE START OF THE CQ.  This past weekend, I 
had a long CQ for VHF which included my grid square, etc.  I had to set NA 
to the max delay of eight seconds, but since my long CQ was about eight 
seconds, the delay worked out to five in reality.

Having said all that, I'd recommend getting 10.54 off the web site.  There 
were some bugs from the attempt to make CQ repeat work across modes in SO2R 
that seemed to produce erratic results.  This was cleaned up in 
10.54.  While we ran 10.53 here (forgot to update the computers before the 
VHF SS started) and had no trouble, 10.54 is the better version to count on.