[NA-User] Automatic keying repeat problem

DAN KOVATCH w8car@buckeye-express.com
Mon, 21 Jan 2002 22:18:54 -0500

Computers are evil demons in disguise.

I was referring to CW-neglected to mention that in the post. So, after 
receiving several e-mails I rebooted the VHF log and called CQ on 6 
CW-with a nice 5 second delay. It was programmed in just as I had TRIED 
to do over the weekend! The Deus Ex Machina has fixed the problem! Now 
to get the W9XT to work with the ICOM electret microphony input so I can 
use the memory to call CQ rather than my voice!

73 Dan
(going to download 10.54)
See everyone on 160 this coming weekend