[NA-User] DOS environment for Win XP using Dual-Boot

Gerry Treas k8gt@flash.net
Thu, 31 Jan 2002 01:31:58 -0000

If you use both Partition Commander and System Commander,
you can have as many partitions as you like with all the
you'd like.

On my Pentium 133, I have 3 primary partions:
1.  True Dos - MSDOS 6.22
2.  Win95  for software that only runs under 95/98
3.  WinNT 4.0  my main operating system.

When you boot, System Commander brings up a menu
with your choices.  Im my case, if I select NT4.0, I get a
second NT menu with a choice between Dos6.22 and NT.

I'm sure that System Commander could handle XP, it can
UNIX, Linux, BEOS, OS/2, and others.

Works very well.  YMMV

73, Gerry  K8GT,  PJ2/K8GT

> I remember seeing something a few months back about
> setting up a dual-boot environment on a new W2000 or
> Win XP machine to enable running DOS programs. I guess
> it must have been to do with NA or SD. I cannot now find
> the details, can anybody advise me or point to the
> posting.
> It was something like this..
> Main Win XP partition
> Second partition loaded with Win 98 to get to DOS
> A third drive used as a transfer drive.
> Can this be easily added to a XP machine using something
> like Partition Magic?
> Regards,
> Dave   G3UEG
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