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Sun, 16 Jun 2002 15:47:43 +0100

Tim, have you checked NA Config, F2 Paths To Program Files. If
you had prevously separated the files into the different directories ie
NA root, CRT, MTL, OUT, QDF and then downloaded a new
version of NA, it will put all the files in the root directory, the exe file
might still be looking for non existant files. Worth checking.

73 Chris G3SJJ

> Please see my earlier thread on having trouble loading and running a brand
> new copy of NA.
> Here is where I am now:
> 1.  I loaded the disc that came with the package into an IBM laptop with
> 6.22 as the operating system.
> 2.  The program loaded, but every time I get to the Log Information Sheet,
> there is
>      only one contest listed, you cannot scroll through them.  If you try
> run the
>      program using that contest (TEXAS QSO PARTY) after filling in all
> necessary
>      fields, the program shuts down after hitting CONTROL AND ENTER to go
> to
>      the next screen, as the manual states.
> 3.  At the top of the screen, the computer says DXCC.CTY is not found.
> 4.  I downloaded a fresh disc from the DATOM Website.
> 5.  After numerous tries on two different computers, the same thing
> as
>      above.
> 6.  On Monday, I am picking up a DOS ONLY laptop (IBM 486) and plan to
> download
>      NA and try to run it on that machine.
> Questions:
> 1. Do I need some additional files other than what came with the software
> package?
>     (I want to use this on Field Day, thinking it may be wishful thinking
> this point)
> 2.  With both the Disc that came with the package and the one I
>      I was using computers that contained Windows Operating Systems, but
>      to run NA in a DOS window.
>      Is it possible that this is the problem?
> 3.  I am picking up the IBM 486 on Monday at 11 AM...is there a ham in the
> Greater
>      Philly Metro willing to come to my home and walk me through
> and
>      running NA on the new machine?  There is dinner in it for you (food
> always works!)
> I went ahead and ran the wiring trusses for the laptop installation in my
> truck for FD.
> Would really like to get this going.
> Thanks,
> Tim
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