[NA-User] The night before the contest

Greg Clark k9ig@in-motion.net
Thu, 28 Feb 2002 22:31:25 -0500

> And I'm hosed.
> Trying to get 10.53 to work with no luck.
> This install has been on the PC for weeks and has been used in a SO2R
> setup several times with ZERO problems.  Tonight, I'm booting to MS-DOS
> as usual and bringing up the program.  I am unable to change frequency
> manually (ALT>F1/F2) or via CAT commands to my MV's.  The CAT light does
> not respond (blink).
> I've dropped back a few versions with no luck either.
> The weird part:
> If I open a DOS window within Win98, bring up 10.53.....IT WORKS.  CAT
> lights blink, frequency control from the keyboard, DVK (W9XT card)
> works.
> What could be hosing me in the DOS world that has all of a sudden pulled
> the plug on frequency control/radio control for me?
> Any ideas out there?
> Greg
> K9IG