[NA-User] Re: [FCG] NA and FQP

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Mon Apr 14 22:10:18 EDT 2003

Joseph E Potter wrote:
 > I was testing NA for the FQP and find that it won't allow for a
 > Florida state mult for Florida stations unless you use Fl as the
 > received exchange and not the county.

The first FL county abbreviation you enter, will show as a FL 
multiplier.  Everything after that, won't show anything.

 > Also, if you enter a mobile as KB4N/her it
 > counts it as DX. Any other NA users find ways around this?

Florida stations log all the FL mobiles as KB4N/M.  Also, under 
"Options", make sure "QTHs Must Match For Dupe" is checked.  This will 
allow you to log KB4N/M as long as the counties are different.


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