[NA-User] Now Working...but... (Was 990/Computer Interface)

Robert Pack nx5m at txcyber.com
Sat May 31 20:54:01 EDT 2003

My apologies for not replying.  I have been quite busy over the past 10
Today, I finally had some time to get out into the shack and work on this
issue.  Actually, in the shack is where I preferred to be since the
temperature reached a smooth 102 here today.
It was just a matter of me spending some time in there changing card
settings and such.
I was successful in getting COM3 on both computers functioning properly so
now all is well.
IF I ever decided to go multi-multi I guess I will have to work on the other
3 station computers (or just do without rig control) but until that time
comes.......I need a break.
Thank you all for your input.

Bob NX5M

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> When you say "...after multiple attempts of changing irq's..." what does
> this mean?  Are you changing the card, bios, NA config, other?
> The first question that needs to be answered is when you run config.exe
> press F4, do you see all three COM ports?  If you do, are the port
> and IRQ's listed correct?
> If you don't see them, it won't work with NA.  You may need to try setcom,
> depending on the problem.
> If you do see them, it may work with NA.  NA will not work with a card
> uses IRQ sharing.  Does your card utilize IRQ sharing?
> Has this ever worked for you and now changing the rig it is broken... or
> this something new you are trying?
> Make sure you don't have a modem or other device that is acting like COM3
> well as the COM-port you have.
> 73 Tim K9TM
> ============
> Now for the "but"!
> But, I am wanting to run this stuff on COM3 and after multiple attempts of
> changing irq's and such I have had no luck.  I have tried this on a pair
> computers...nil.  Here again it may be something simple that I am
> overlooking.  I have read the archives on similiar issues but I dont seem
> be finding the answers I need.
> In my station (main operating position) I use COM1 as the Internet Packet
> port. NA thinks the internet computer is nothing more than a TNC.   COM2
> used for the link or loop.  It is ok to use COM1 for rig control when I am
> doing something where I am not going to use packet...but when we do a
> multi-op I need to use COM3 for either the LINK, TNC or RIG.
> Input appreciated.
> Bob
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