[NA-User] System Requirements

Dennis Ponsness wb0wao at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 31 02:18:36 EST 2003

Dave and group,

   I am presently in the stage of "upgrading" my station for the ultimate 
goal of a 2 rig multi op setup and have a question...

For reference, I am using a P4 with Win XP Home (both machines) and want to 
run them in a network configuration and also use rig control and WinTelnetX 
for spotting.

1) Lack of COM Ports - I believe that I can overcome this by installing an 
I/O board with 2 additional COM ports on them.  I think I am limited to 4 
COM ports total (correct me if I am wrong), so with that in mind, would the 
following "work"...

Computer #1 - Station #1 (online to Telnet)

COM 1  Rig Control (K2)
COM 2  WinTelnetX out
COM 3  NA Network (to Computer #2)

Computer #2 - Station #2 (not online)
COM 1  Rig Control (K2)
COM 2  WinTelnetX in
COM 3  NA Network (from Computer #1)

The only thing that I am not sure about is the WinTelnetX configuration.  I 
know that it needs 2 COM ports to work "correctly" - I want to be able to 
send spots as well as RX them!  Does it matter if the COM ports are on 
different machines?  And I would assume that the spots coming into Station 
#2 would be sent over the NA Network to show up on Station #1.

TNX es CU in the 'tests!


Dennis - WB0WAO

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