[NA-User] System Requirements

Bob, N5RP n5rp at pdq.net
Fri Oct 31 07:28:48 EST 2003

If I understand all correctly, you will be fine.

At intergalactic communications facility N5RP,
I have an old laptop machine that never saw the dumpster connected to the 
Internet cluster via DSL and networked home system at all times.

This laptop feeds Telnet spots from it's COM port "out" to an "in" COM port 
on the machine that I have interfaced to the radios.

Although my arrangement is somewhat different than yours, I am using "in" 
and "out" COM ports for packet spots and the "in" and "out" ports are on 
different machines.

Of course, on the laptop which is putting the spots "out" to my radio 
interface computer, I am also running two other programs at the same time:
1. DXTelnet UDP Exchange
2. DX4WIN Spot Exchanger program by IK4VYX.
These allow the spots to interface feed into the radio computer for the 
programs normally run on the "radio" computer.

Spots are fed to the "radio" computer as though a TNC was on the "radio" 
and the "radio" computer still has open access to the Internet for E-mail, 
browser, etc.

The system performs 24/7 without flaw.

Is that what you were asking?

Another old laptop that never saw the dumpster runs a map clock program 
"World Watch" on a 24/7 basis,
instead of my having a $1,000.00 Geochron whatever type clock take up a 
whole wall.

Bob in Houston - N5RP
At 01:18 10/31/2003, you wrote:
>Dave and group,
>   I am presently in the stage of "upgrading" my station for the ultimate 
> goal of a 2 rig multi op setup and have a question...
>For reference, I am using a P4 with Win XP Home (both machines) and want 
>to run them in a network configuration and also use rig control and 
>WinTelnetX for spotting.
>1) Lack of COM Ports - I believe that I can overcome this by installing an 
>I/O board with 2 additional COM ports on them.  I think I am limited to 4 
>COM ports total (correct me if I am wrong), so with that in mind, would 
>the following "work"...
>Computer #1 - Station #1 (online to Telnet)
>COM 1  Rig Control (K2)
>COM 2  WinTelnetX out
>COM 3  NA Network (to Computer #2)
>Computer #2 - Station #2 (not online)
>COM 1  Rig Control (K2)
>COM 2  WinTelnetX in
>COM 3  NA Network (from Computer #1)
>The only thing that I am not sure about is the WinTelnetX 
>configuration.  I know that it needs 2 COM ports to work "correctly" - I 
>want to be able to send spots as well as RX them!  Does it matter if the 
>COM ports are on different machines?  And I would assume that the spots 
>coming into Station #2 would be sent over the NA Network to show up on 
>Station #1.
>TNX es CU in the 'tests!
>Dennis - WB0WAO

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