[NA-User] Recovering log with .sav file

Hank Kohl K8DD k8dd at arrl.net
Thu Sep 11 09:50:00 EDT 2003

Rename or copy   filename.sav   to   filename.qdf   and put it where the 
.qdf files normally are kept.

73    Hank    K8DD

At 9/10/2003 09:58 PM -0700, Jessica Benny wrote:

>I'm trying to recover a friend's log from his .sav file that he saved on a 
>floppy disk.
>I have placed the .sav file in a number of NA sub directories, but have 
>had no luck. I don't seem to find the procedure mentioned in my version of 
>the NA Manual. His NA version was 10.57, mine is 10.58.
>Can someone offer some directions for doing this?
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