[NA-User] Recovering log with .sav file

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Thu Sep 11 11:42:58 EDT 2003

At 09:58 PM 9/10/03 -0700, Jessica Benny wrote:
>I'm trying to recover a friend's log from his .sav file that he saved on a 
>floppy disk.
>I have placed the .sav file in a number of NA sub directories, but have 
>had no luck. I don't seem to find the procedure mentioned in my version of 
>the NA Manual. His NA version was 10.57, mine is 10.58.
>Can someone offer some directions for doing this?

Simply rename the .sav file to .qdf.  For example, if the .sav file is 
2002SSCW.sav, change it to 2002SSCW.QDF and put it in the directory where 
your other .QDF files are.


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