[NA-User] Dxpedition operation QSO summary question

Jessica Benny jbenny at rain.org
Thu Sep 18 22:56:13 EDT 2003

Dave or whomever,

I am in charge of our recent IOTA expedition XF1K, NA162 logs. Most of 
the logs were logged using NA Logging w/countries.
Others were on paper and entered into an Excel spreadsheet. All logs are 
now merged into an Excel file.

My question, is there a means using NA or other software that will give 
us a summary / breakdown of QSOs by Continent, band and mode? I'm 
thinking that I can get some of this information by combining all the 
separate .qdf / .sav files then run the NA analysis programs. I don't 
recall what the analysis yield.

Any comments or suggestions? We had over 5400 Q's so I'm not about to do 
it my hand!


Ray, N6VR

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