[NA-User] Dxpedition operation QSO summary question

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Sat Sep 20 14:20:12 EDT 2003

At 09:56 PM 9/18/03 -0700, Jessica Benny wrote:
>I am in charge of our recent IOTA expedition XF1K, NA162 logs. Most of the 
>logs were logged using NA Logging w/countries.  Others were on paper and 
>entered into an Excel spreadsheet. All logs are now merged into an Excel file.
>My question, is there a means using NA or other software that will give us 
>a summary / breakdown of QSOs by Continent, band and mode? I'm thinking 
>that I can get some of this information by combining all the separate .qdf 
>/ .sav files then run the NA analysis programs. I don't recall what the 
>analysis yield.

The best way I can see doing this is to type the paper logs into NA, then 
merge all of the .QDF files together.  This results in one big electronic 
file of all your QSOs.

However, there is a problem.  I tried printing out a breakdown from a NA 
Logging w/countries file and it produced nothing.  This surprised me, so I 
took a look at the code and found the reason.

As it is right now, NA produces breakdowns only for contests with fixed 
durations.  The reason for this is so that the hourly breakdowns (QSOs, 
points, mults) don't explode and produce outrageously large breakdown 
files.  For example, the file I'm testing with is called "DAY2DAY" and it 
holds my non-contest QSOs.  While this is not a terribly large file, it 
extends back to 1989.  Can you imagine a QSO breakdown file, by hour, would 
look like for the past fourteen years?  :-)

Based on Ray's report, I've gone in and changed how the reports are 
written.  Hour-by-hour breakdowns are only compiled when the contest 
duration is non-zero (i.e., it really is a contest).  However, the 
QSOs-by-continent breakdown is now written for non-contests as well.  The 
QSO-per-country breakdown already works for non-contests.  These changes 
will appear with NA 10.60 which will be released in a week or two after 
some testing and cleanup.  Ray, if you take my suggestion and put together 
one big .QDF file, I'll send you a beta copy to try out.



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