[NA-User] NA under Windows XP

Joseph Potter jpotter at JoiMail.com
Mon Apr 12 00:09:08 EDT 2004

Hello to all.

My laptop recently went to silicon heaven so I bought a nice new computer running Windows XP home, 2.8 gig P4, 512 meg memory but of course it does not have true dos. I am having trouble getting NA to operate correctly even using the compatibility wizard. The timing of the cw is off and the clock loses time big time. Has anyone had success in setting this up? I don't have the space or will to use a dinosaur computer in the shack but I am used to using NA and don't really want to start looking around for other software if I don't have to. Any help will be appreciated as I am trying to get set up for the Florida QSO party in two weeks. Any chance NA will ever be written for a Windows environment? Tnx agn es cu in the fqp.


Joe KB4N

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