[NA-User] FT-100(D)

wx3m at comcast.net wx3m at comcast.net
Thu Jul 1 13:17:14 EDT 2004

Anybody have their FT-100 interfaced to NA?

I have built an interface, and I am confident that it works, but I cannot
seem to get the radio to talk to NA.

NA talks to the radio, though. If I change bands/modes (ALT-F1, CTRL-F1,
etc.), the radio will follow the command, but only ONCE. If I type in a
frequency, such as 7000, or 50125, it will go to the frequency. However, the
radio does not seem to talk back to NA, or at least NA does not appear to be
receiving anything back, or is perhaps receiving the wrong stuff back?

I fooled around with a few settings, and I get the *exact* behavior if NA
thinks FT-100 is the radio, or if FT-1000 is the radio.


I picked up a nicer project enclosure from Radio Shack, so I am building a
"universal interface" for my FT-100D. The intent is that it will house CAT
level converter, PTT lines, amplifier keying relay, transformer-isolated
soundcard interface stuff, etc. - just about everything I would need to
interface to the thing.

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