[NA-User] Using NA for IARU M/S this weekend

Scott Dickson shdickson at allvantage.com
Mon Jul 5 00:00:28 EDT 2004

We are planning a M/S operation in the IARU this weekend.  In looking the 
rules over, it is clear that only one signal may be transmitted at a time, 
and that the 10 minute rule limits the swapping back and forth between 
radio 1 and radio 2.

With that in mind, it appears to me that the next strategy approach would 
be for radio 2 to search for mults by listening, and then somehow convey 
that information to the operation of radio 1.

I am aware of the ALT-P for passing a station and also ALT-G for network 
messages.  Is there any other way to pass a list of stations and 
frequencies across the NA network?

Radio 1 - IC756 w/rig control
Radio 2 - IC761 w/rig control
NA 10.59 on both computers
LINK style network between 2 computers

--Scott, W5WZ

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