[NA-User] Using NA for IARU M/S this weekend

David A. Pruett k8cc at comcast.net
Mon Jul 5 09:47:30 EDT 2004


Ctrl-Enter will send a callsign to the announcements list and band map, 
sort of like a "self-generated spot".  However, this is not passed around 
the network so that it would appear on other computers.  This would not be 
too hard to add.

I am not sure that this will assist all that much in what you're trying to 
do (manage bandswitching in a m/s).  We've done this contest multi-op many 
times from K8CC with essentially the setup you describe.  Radio1 is running 
on one band, while Radio2 is S&Ping for mults on one of the others.  The 
Radio1 computer usually has the spot filter narrowed up to show only spots 
on his band, so he can make decisions to chase in-band QSOs with VFOB while 
running on VFOA.  Passing the running op stations on other bands is a 

Our experience has been that it falls on the Radio2 op to assess the mults 
he's seeing (on the non-run bands) and offer a recommendation to the Radio1 
op to change bands.  This requires interaction between the ops; either via 
a "tap on the shoulder" or Alt-G.  At K8CC the two positions are right next 
to each other (with the rotators and antenna switching in the middle) so 
it's easy to do.


At 11:00 PM 7/4/04 -0500, Scott Dickson wrote:
>We are planning a M/S operation in the IARU this weekend.  In looking the 
>rules over, it is clear that only one signal may be transmitted at a time, 
>and that the 10 minute rule limits the swapping back and forth between 
>radio 1 and radio 2.
>With that in mind, it appears to me that the next strategy approach would 
>be for radio 2 to search for mults by listening, and then somehow convey 
>that information to the operation of radio 1.
>I am aware of the ALT-P for passing a station and also ALT-G for network 
>messages.  Is there any other way to pass a list of stations and 
>frequencies across the NA network?
>Radio 1 - IC756 w/rig control
>Radio 2 - IC761 w/rig control
>NA 10.59 on both computers
>LINK style network between 2 computers
>--Scott, W5WZ
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