[NA-User] Software, or computer?

BlairBates at aol.com BlairBates at aol.com
Mon Oct 11 08:12:10 EDT 2004

I operated in PA QSO party this past weekend in a portable multi-op using 
(another op's) laptop and version 10.53 of NA.

While running CW I had a problem about every 3rd or 4th QSO.  When I hit the 
"+" key to enter a qso and send the QRZ message, the computer (an IBM 
thinkpad) responded by sending "?".  

Did anyone else experience this (w/ v. 10.53)?  If not, I'll recommend that 
the owner of the laptop check his keyboard and computer.  It could be that the 
laptop CPU is seeing the "+" keystroke as an activation of the F7 key.

Tnx es 73,

Blair k3yd

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