[NA-User] COUNTRY.DAT is too big

Ralph Parker rparker at dccnet.com
Mon Mar 27 15:23:45 EST 2006

>The current COUNTRY.DAT (1603) is too big for NA.

AHA - the mystery is solved!
I fired up 1061 for the first time just before the WPX started, to be
greeted by the error message. I tried everything - hardware, software,
configuration, even 1059 (with the new COUNTRY.DAT file, of course).
In my haste, I dragged out an old laptop, installed 1061, and I was off.
Tnx goodness that I didn't notice that it had the old COUNTRY.DAT file.
In the end, no harm done, but the mystery remained.
I hoped that there would be some comments today.
Tnx, Jim.


NA forever!!!

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