[NA-User] CQP file issue

Rob Neece KK4R at cox.net
Sat Oct 7 17:10:56 EDT 2006

I have been inactive for a while and just decided to get on the CQP 
and warm up my CW.  I copied the data at the end of the post by David 
Pruett and made two files: CALCTY.MLT and CALCTY.ALI.  I'm outside 
CA, so the CALCTY.MLT file is the one I think I need, and it contains 
lines like the following:
Alameda:                ALAM: CTY:  6;

I corrected the ALPI problem, put the file in the proper place, and 
then fired up NA1059.  Everything was OK until I made a QSO and tried 
to log MARP.  NA indicated the county was not a valid QTH.  Alt-L 
shows the expected list of 4-letter counties including MARP, so I am 
at a loss.  Where did I go wrong?


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