[NA-User] CQP file issue

Robert Pack, NX5M nx5m at txcyber.com
Sun Oct 8 00:08:25 EDT 2006

Works here with no issues.
Maybe tomorrow I will hook some antennas up to help the CA boys out a bit.
First thing that comes to mind......
Make sure the colons and semi-colons are correct.
Make sure all the data is in the same line.

Data in the file should be 59 lines and 38 characters over.

If that is not the problem........I am also at a loss.
It just seem most logical that it would be a text issue.


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> I have been inactive for a while and just decided to get on the CQP 
> and warm up my CW.  I copied the data at the end of the post by David 
> Pruett and made two files: CALCTY.MLT and CALCTY.ALI.  I'm outside 
> CA, so the CALCTY.MLT file is the one I think I need, and it contains 
> lines like the following:
> Alameda:                ALAM: CTY:  6;
> I corrected the ALPI problem, put the file in the proper place, and 
> then fired up NA1059.  Everything was OK until I made a QSO and tried 
> to log MARP.  NA indicated the county was not a valid QTH.  Alt-L 
> shows the expected list of 4-letter counties including MARP, so I am 
> at a loss.  Where did I go wrong?
> Rob
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