[NA-User] N1MM to NAQSL Label Question

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Wed Oct 11 17:26:14 EDT 2006

Yes, Paul, I'm of the same mind.  I hate to give up NA, also.  
Actually, I'm not going to give it up for the major CW & SSB contests.  
For the Digital modes I think I'll try N1MM when I get to that point.  
I'm in the process of starting to use K4CY's Logger32 (also FREE) for 
general purpose logging and I will dump all my contest log ADIFs in 
there as well.  It has a QSL card/label print routine, but I haven't 
tried it yet.  K4CY also claims it can be used for some contests 
especially RTTY and some digital modes, but haven't researched it yet.

Good luck

73, Gerry  K8GT

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Date: Wednesday, October 11, 2006 5:06 pm
Subject: Re: [NA-User] N1MM to NAQSL Label Question
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> Thanks Hank,
> I have just been experimenting with it (BV7). It looks like my 
> Avery track labels will not work :-(
> I guess I'll have to leave the safe world of DOS and buy labels on 
> sheets.  I like using N1MM in Windows once in a while, but hard to 
> break away from NA for DOS. It is so rock solid.
> 73
> Paul

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