[NA-User] 2 odd situations (PAQP)

BlairBates at aol.com BlairBates at aol.com
Sun Oct 15 22:25:33 EDT 2006

I attempted to use NA 10.59 for PA QSO party this weekend.  After setting up 
the configuration and parameters  I arrived at the logging screen which was 
LOCKED on 160 CW and could not be changed.

I then tried to open at the last PAQP log file in which I had operated 
[2004].  When I tried to open that file I received the following error message:  
"Error 05 occurred in module NA_Start at address 3BD8:200C"

I then tried the 2003 log file.  It opened, and the band change and mode 
change functions worked perfectly.

I then the deleted my 2006 log file and re-created using a slightly different 
file name.  That,  also, was locked on 160CW.  

Anybody have any ideas what was going on here?

73, Blair k3yd

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