[NA-User] ns sprint logging

Mark Ketchell k5er at arrl.net
Thu Jul 3 14:43:29 EDT 2008

OK, I need some help. Working some CW on Field day fired me up so I thought
I'd try the Thursday night NS sprints. I have used NA exclusively since the
early 90's. I noted that the NS rules vary slightly from the regular Sprint
rules. I used the template editor (TE) to make the changes listed on the
NCCC web site, with the exception of dupes. The rules ALLOW dupes, if there
is one interveening QSO. I can't make NA ignore dupes. Obviously, you
wouldn't work the same station twice in a row, so if I could simply make it
accept dupes, (ignore / not check for/ etc), all would be well.. None of
the four options in TE work, and so far, I can't seem to find a way to add
a fifth option, or any other way to make it do this. Am I missing
something? Anybody else using NA figure out a work around? Thanks in advance. 

Mark, K5ER

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