[NA-User] Anyone using NA for RSGB IOTA?

RLVZ at aol.com RLVZ at aol.com
Fri Jul 25 17:46:42 EDT 2008

I'm trying to get NA 10.65 working for the RSGB IOTA contest tomorrow and  
running into the following troubles:
1) When trying to run NA I get "Error 11 - module NA 10.65.  I  changed "TE" 
to adding Multiplies "On-the-Fly" and NA will operate... so perhaps  I need 
load the IOTA Mults?  But I expect that would be difficult as  they are 
constantly changing... so should I continue with Mults  "On-the-Fly"?
2) As mentioned above, NA seems to operate when Mults are "On-the-Fly" but  
when adding QSO's to the log no points are being added.  I was expecting 3  
points for Non-IOTA stations and 15 points for IOTA stations.
All idears appreciated!
Hope to work you tomorrow!
Dick- K9OM

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