[NA-User] keying problem

Robert Pack, NX5M nx5m at txcyber.com
Thu May 22 21:15:11 EDT 2008

Also, I have used 4 different interfaces from my other operating positions 
and every one of them does the same thing so it is not the interface.
F-keys work
Alt-K works
1/2 of the paddle works

Bob is stumped.

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Subject: [NA-User] keying problem

> Last time I used it was February and all was well.
> Using latest version.
> Everything from the keyboard send but only one side of the paddles will 
> work.
> Tested different paddles, tested existing cable....can find no issues.
> Any ideas?
> This is a great time to have a problem right before wpx.
> 73,
> Bob NX5M
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