[NA-User] help with kenwood

Mark Ketchell k5er at arrl.net
Wed Aug 19 11:57:54 PDT 2009

Hi Folks,
         I've used ICOM rigs with NA for years. You just hook them up, set 
the hex address and they work (thanks Dave!). I have a friend with a 
Kenwood TS-850, just getting into contesting, who wants rig control. I am 
trying to help him, but I am now in over my head. We found him an if-232, 
but so far, no joy. I know in the NA setup, you can select from Kenwood 1 / 
Kenwood 2, but that still doesn't seem to do it. He is not trying to send 
cw (yet) but is trying to work from a dos window (operating sys is Win XP, 
sp3). This has not been an issue with the icoms.
         Since his 850 seems to want 1200 baud, 8 N 2, do I have to drill 
down through control panel/system/device manager/ports/properties, and 
change the speed and stop bits there? I am trying to assist him by 
phone/email, and have not actually sat at his operating position to 
troubleshoot for myself, so I may be missing something obvious. Any advice 
or help would be appreciated.
Mark, K5ER 

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